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Band of Brothers

Posted by in Brotherhood | January 29, 2011

An Inspirational Poem

These souls are cast from iron,

And the spirit comes with fire.

Let this band of loving brothers

Stand firm with one desire

We must sharpen one another,

So that as the Holy War rages,

Sinful snares are cast aside

As we stand together. Courageous.

By JJ Russell

My Brother, My Shield

Posted by in Brotherhood | January 13, 2011

An Inspirational Poem

A battle is raging,

with enemies near.

My eyesight is blurred,

on account of the fear.

Two hands are shaking

and clutching my spear.

That one who comes for me

often unclear.

Distractions around,

my focus is broken.

The night that was silent,

now has awoken.

With vengeance it roars,

in violence spoken.

Hatred and anger

by the same token.

Alone, I’d be lost

and quickly consumed.

Unable to weather

the darkness and gloom.

But I am but one

among many in tune

Who shout out the glory

and lower the boom

We are the victors

and we’ll not retreat.

Our leader is One

you cannot defeat

Bound together in faith

our hope is complete

Now rise and stand proudly,

up on your feet!

In Brotherhood we fight

together with zeal

Forged in the fire,

stronger than steel

His Glory, and Honor,

and Power revealed

“To battle we go!

My brother, my shield!”

By Jeff Knapp