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Nate Reed: Who will free the captives?

Posted by in Faith | September 24, 2012

If I could pick just one situation from my list of many that I have learned from in my life, I would pick the last time I was in jail. I had been running from God for awhile up to this point; but because he is who he is, he kept pursuing me. Never giving up, he showed his face to me while in that dark place.

The thing I realized was that God had to strip everything away from me so that he could show me who was really in charge. I really had no control over my life at that point. I would just go along with what everyone else was doing even if I didn’t agree with it, just so that I could fit in. That obviously didn’t work out very well. By the time i was 20 I had been arrested 5 times and really had nothing of significance to show for my life. I had ruined my relationship with my family and friends, and wanted nothing to do with God. I didn’t feel that i deserved his grace.

But as it turns out, that was a lie that the devil was using to try and keep me from having a relationship with God. After that realization, I sat in a jail cell for a couple of days before I could finally go to a church service. The most significant thing about that service was that I was able to get my hands on a bible, which I was able to take back to my cell with me. At that point, I felt like this was something that was just between me and Christ. I didn’t feel like I had to live up to any certain “standard.” (And if you have been around enough christians you know exactly what I’m talking about).

I felt a sense of freedom, which is funny now, because my body was not free. I was being told when to wake up, when I could shower, and when I could eat; but for the first time, my soul felt a sense of freedom I had never felt in my life.

Nate Reed