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Collin Baxter: Living to Serve

Posted by in Faith | October 21, 2013


Editor’s Note: Collin Baxter takes us on a journey that’s all too familiar. We begin in a place of comfort, where not much is asked of us, and much is taken for granted. And somewhere along the way, God throws us a curveball and we find ourselves in Bulgaria, washing the feet of a man in a wheel chair. Ok, maybe that part of Collin’s story is unique; but the challenge God presents us with is the same. Learning to have a servant’s heart. Thanks for the insight, Collin.

“In the summer of 2011, my pastor Randy Pope did a teaching on “The Ultimate” which he defined as the act of servitude. Months before I heard him speak on this, I always thought of the word “serve” as maybe, helping my mom take out the trash when she told me to, or giving some money to a homeless man so that God will be happy with me; but I soon discovered that I was looking at it in the wrong way.

It started with a trip to Bulgaria with an old man. I had always wanted to travel the world and this man gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to go to Bulgaria and help him get around and play a little music with him while he preached to a community of a very small church. I thought, “Hey! How hard could it be just to move a few bags around and watch over this guy for two weeks?” Well, it was really hard.

Not only did I have to move bags, but I had to push him through the entire airport in a wheel chair, while making sure that I did not lose his or my passports or belongings, buy him food, deal with him getting angry at the security checkpoints, because he didn’t like having to take off his belt or shoes, which seemed to take about 30 minutes every time, and put some gross stuff on the bottom of his feet, just to name a few of the tasks asked of me. And yet, through all of the ups and downs of that trip, I learned that God was teaching me something great.

I got back from Bulgaria and at first I was just glad to be away from that man; but then I noticed how incredibly blessed I was to be living in such a great country with so many things that I did not deserve. In fact, with so many people serving me in so many ways, I almost felt ashamed at how I was acting. I should have been happy to serve that old man and help him spread the name of Jesus, even if it was uncomfortable for me. Weeks after that, I heard Randy Pope’s teaching and finally understood. I am here to reflect my savior Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate servant; and I must strive to be like Him every day of my life.”

“He must become greater, and I must become less.”
– John 3:30

Collin Baxter