Heroes Don’t Get to Take Days Off

Posted by in Brotherhood | May 27, 2013


Editor’s Note: Today, while many of us are relaxing and enjoying our freedom, soldiers are serving, fighting, or even dying to protect it. Some of them will never see another memorial day. Fewer still will have the ability to enjoy this day without thinking of fellow soldiers who paid the ultimate price. Memorial Day is especially hard on the grieving family members who are still paying the price of having their loved one taken away for the cause of freedom.

All across the world, brave Americans are on guard so we can take the day off. They are losing sleep and even their very lives in order to grant us the blessing of a relaxing day at the lake. This country isn’t free by choice, by vote, by victory, or by chance. No, this country is free by hardship and death. God has blessed this country for sure, but it has not come cheap. Great men and women, who chose to give themselves away to the cause of liberty and freedom, have paved the road for us that leads to peace. Let us honor them today, through prayers and parades, and make sure to enjoy this extremely expensive freedom.

Never forget that on any given day there are people on guard so you don’t have to be.

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