IRON and FIRE Brings Andrew Collins on Staff!

Posted by in Brotherhood | June 24, 2013


Editor’s Note: We’re so excited to welcome Andrew Collins to a full time position with IRON and FIRE! Andrew is our first hire from within our brotherhood. A recent graduate of Auburn University, Andrew was dramatically affected by IRON and FIRE’s college ministry, CORE 2:42, and the influence it had on his life. He’s been a staunch advocate for the necessity of brotherhood, specifically the opportunity to interact with mentors and peers while dealing with big issues such as confronting sin head on, what it means to be a man of God and a brother in Christ, and how to manage our close relationships.

You can watch part of Andrew’s story by clicking here.

Andrew completed his undergrad degree in May 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in History and Education. A life-long athlete, Andrew enjoys anything involving sports, all major Atlanta sports teams, and cheers for Auburn Athletics, especially football. He also enjoys being outdoors, and watching movies.

Andrew says he feels called to disciple young men as they navigate their journey to find Christ and their identity in him. He looks forward to his opportunity with IRON and FIRE because of their mission to invest in the next generation. And it’s exciting for him to know that people are standing up to lead young men so that they are not left to the world’s influences. He hopes that his influence on the brotherhood would just be a drop in the bucket compared to the ripple effect Christ can create with IRON and FIRE. He is most excited about the Brothers in IRON and FIRE taking this vision to their schools and college campuses.

We’re excited about all those things too! Welcome Andrew!

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