Squad Retreat @ the Lake

Posted by in Brotherhood | May 7, 2012

One of the “Squads” of IRON and FIRE got together for a “Squad Retreat” at the lake!

This retreat was a time of fun, brotherhood, prayer, and fellowship. Each guy had the opportunity to enjoy a little break from homework while bonding with the Squad.

The weekend was packed with laughter and guy stuff! There was a huge bonfire, fireworks, steaks, loud music… boats, war movies, and tons of testosterone!

But this weekend wasn’t just an escape from responsibility. In fact, it was a time of re-establishing commitments and expectations for the Squad, both to God and each other.

Jeff called each Brother to look around them and take account of who God has put in their lives. He pressed them to consider who is looking up to them and who it is that they are looking up to. This discussion followed a showing of an episode of the movie series “Band of Brothers”. The episode showed young men in Boot Camp getting ready for war. Afterwards, each guy talked about what this Squad means to them and discussed the importance of helping prepare each other for battle and watch each other’s backs.

The next morning was Sunday. So before they rolled out, the Squad took time to bathe their hearts in Scripture and pray for one another as well as their families. The reminder of who we are in Christ was the focus and Jeff hammered home what it means to be a son of God and what it took to give us that blessing.



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