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Teaser (Hint: You Need a Smart Phone to scan the QR Code!)

Posted by in Resources | September 16, 2013

Editor’s Note: This week we’re providing a secret link to the website we’ve been building in an effort to become more transparent and intentional as an organization. If you have a smartphone, all you need is an app that can scan this QR code. The code is just a link to the website, which we will be covering in more detail in another blog very soon. For those of you who get a chance to check it out, please let us know what you think!

Announcement: Power of a Man Breakfast Sign Up!

Posted by in Resources | August 12, 2013


Editor’s Note: Please share this with a friend! IRON and FIRE will be partnering with Perimeter Church for an event on Saturday the 24th of August called the Power of a Man Breakfast. For $8 (which includes breakfast) young men and their fathers are invited to come listen to best-selling author Rick Johnson and participate in the Q&A which will feature our president, Jeff Knapp, and our brother, Micah Mabe (His video story will be played during the event).

We will also have a booth set up afterwards to answer questions about our ministry and help raise money toward our matching grant as we close out our fiscal year. To learn more and sign up to attend, check out the details below.

“Today’s culture is blurring the lines more than ever on what it really looks like to be a man. The lines get even more blurry if you seek to be a man of God. Society places a high value on success and accepts the collateral damage of families, relationships and faith. But what does it really mean to be a man and a Christian?

Join us for breakfast as best selling author Rick Johnson shares how men can have impact in their lives of those around them by living up to the calling and purpose that God created them for. Have an impact in the lives of your wife, children, families and co-workers by discovering The Power of a Man.”

Excerpt from the Event Details Webpage

When: Saturday, August 24, 2013, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Where: Perimeter Church, Fellowship Hall
9500 Medlock Bridge Rd
Duluth, GA 30097
Cost: $8.00 (includes breakfast)
(Appropriate for ages 13 +)

Sign Up Here

Spotlight: Radical Mentoring

Posted by in Resources | October 29, 2012

Editor’s Note: Radical Mentoring is an organization we strongly support. With core principles that encourage men to mentor younger men 2 seasons behind them, Radical Mentoring has seen tremendous success. Here is an excerpt pulled off their website.

Radical Mentoring, A Radical Plan to Change the World, a Few Men at a Time

Taken from Radical Mentoring’s Website

Radical Mentoring is produced by the Next Generation Mentoring Foundation.

After years of mentoring younger men individually, Regi Campbell heard a speaker say “More time, with fewer people, equals greater kingdom impact”, and he set off to mentor a group of men for the first time. Since 2001, he’s mentored nearly 100 men personally in what he calls “Radical Mentoring Groups” and his model for mentoring has been embraced by many other Christian leaders.

Along the way, Regi came to see that the success of Radical Mentoring was derived from the fact that he was simply doing what Jesus did:

He mentored in a small group context.
He handpicked the men.
He invested in them for a defined period of time.
He mentored them for Kingdom purposes.
He served them and modeled selflessness.
He made and received a mutual commitment from His mentees.
He expected multiplication, not addition, and a commitment to pay it forward.
He steeped the process and the men in prayer.
He taught them within the context of life, along the way.
He modeled a God-centric life allowing them to see how He applied His faith in every aspect of life.
He lived, taught and interpreted Scripture throughout their time together.

Campbell has written a book that dives deeper into the application of these practices and mentoring small groups. Mentor Like Jesus was released by B&H Publishers in May 2009 and can be purchased here.

In 2007, High Tech Ministries embraced the model. Four mentors led 30 next-generation leaders through the Radical Mentoring process and each of the men involved realized incredible results. The process was proven.

From 2007–2011, over 1,100 men and, subsequently, their wives and children have been impacted by individual mentors throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K. who have invested in them through a Radical Mentoring Group.

In 2011, Radical Mentoring has extended it’s borders to all of the English-speaking world by providing its content in an electronic format that allows the mentor more flexibility to customize a “track” that is meaningful to him and his life experiences.

The Radical Mentoring team includes:

Regi Campbell: Founder and Chairman
Chris Hornsby: Executive Director
John Richie: Convene Chair; NGM Foundation Board Member
Dennis Latimer: Exec. VP – Web Industries, Inc.; NGM Foundation Board Member
Dave Katz: Sr. VP, Midwest, Coca-Cola Refreshments; NGM Foundation Board Member
Ross Campbell, MD: President, Georgia Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Dermatology; NGM Foundation Board Member

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Spotlight: Legacy Now

Posted by in Resources | August 10, 2012

Legacy Now, Leading Leaders who Lead Students

Taken from Legacy Now’s Website

“When I first started out in student ministry I had a friend named Terry who I worked with. He was doing the same thing I was, but was a bit further down the road in many areas of life I started investing in students and relationships were being built. It was an incredible season- but as you know relationships can be messy. I was interacting with students who did not have much of a religious background and in many cases were very new to the Christian faith.

I can vividly remember those midnight phone calls of a 15 year old with a girl problem. Maybe it was a family problem, a friend problem, or even a God problem. You get the picture. It was happening a lot and many times as a guy in my early twenties, I had no idea how to help them navigate those moments well. In some cases, those were defining moments in their young lives and I was honored that they were reaching out to me for help.

Many times Terry was the guy I called to help me figure out how to help those students. For some crazy reason he always took my calls and found a way to help me have a Biblical perspective (with a little sarcasm and humor thrown in) to help me help my guys. I look back on those moments now and they are priceless. They shaped me as a student pastor and as a follower of Christ. Many years later Terry is still a great friend and the bond we have from serving in the trenches together for a long season won’t be broken anytime soon.

Almost 15 years later the Lord has led my life to a place that I have found myself playing that role for a lot of people. In hindsight, the Lord has really been preparing me for this. I’ve had the chance to do all kinds of things in ministry. From helping start an FCA in high school to working at one of our countries largest churches and student ministries to everything in between. That includes almost 10 years on staff with a para-church ministry giving leadership to a campus and a city ministry. That also includes leading 15 years of small groups of students. Somewhere back in the day I even taught a Sunday school class. Indeed.

All that put together has led me down this road of God putting my heart in a place where I am dreaming about serving the leaders who lead students.

So that is what Legacy Now is. We are a company/ministry whose heart is to help lead the leaders who lead students. We are not trying to sell curriculum or our “method” of doing ministry. What we are selling is relationships. I’ve been blessed to have a long season of investing in; building and creating cultures that are all about relationships. It’s those relationships that paved the road for something special from the Lord.

There are always environments around those relationships. That might be your big Sunday program, it might be your living room… you are creating space somewhere and setting up relationships to happen. I’ve been honored to help create all kinds of environments for relationships and would love to help you do the same.

So that’s what Legacy Now is all about. We are a ministry that is all about relationships and everything that is involved to help make them the best they can be. This generation of students is marked by their high regard for relationships. A degree, a nice suit and a deep voice do not motivate them. That’s not a shot; it’s just true- they are highly motivated by relationships and actions. We want to help you maximize that and fully invest in the students the Lord trusts you with. 

All that being said- I am hoping and praying that God will use Legacy Now to be a Terry for all the student pastors and leaders out there who are leading students. Let’s leave a great legacy for the Kingdom of God and let’s do it now!”

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