Kevin Kubandi: You Don’t Have To Prove Anything

Posted by in Faith | January 7, 2013


Editor’s Note: Don’t let the brevity of this letter blind you to the immense truth Kevin bestows upon his younger self. An entire life can be changed in half a sentence and Kevin gives enough advice in this single paragraph to pull most kids through some pretty challenging years unscathed. Thanks to Kevin for condensing his advice into a powerful piece we’re pleased to share.

Dear younger me,

I didn’t know how to start this letter so I’m just going to jump into it. Please live every day like there’s no tomorrow. Treat people better than you would treat yourself. The loudest voice in the room is not the wisest. Listening will get you further in life than arguing. Listen to your farther. You don’t have to prove anything to him; he corrects you because he loves you. Never stop showing your sisters you love them; they might not always acknowledge it but they love you more than you know. Work hard at everything you do. God has given you a gift so don’t waste it. Honor your mother. As much as you think she loves you, she loves you even more. The sport you play does not define you. The parties you go to don’t define you. The girls you date don’t define you… You are who God says you are. So read your bible and find out what he says about you. Treat the girls you date like you would want your sisters and mom to be treated. Value your family and friends and don’t just say you love them, show them. Don’t sell out. You have a dream; hold on to it, no matter what other people say to you.

Hey, you’re going to make mistakes. Admit them and get back up.


You’ll be alright kid. You’re a fighter. Plus God’s got your back… Be blessed.

Kevin Kubandi

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