Kevin Kubandi: I’m Not Afraid

Posted by in Faith | September 25, 2013


Editor’s Note: There’s an internal struggle we all have as Christians between our fears and the promises of God. Kevin does us all the favor of laying them out plainly in lyric so that together we can recognize the reality of fear and the truth that overcomes it. As Kevin repeats the themes of God’s faithfulness and the strength he provides, it becomes clear that while our own bravery alone may not be enough to allay our fears, God’s presence provides us everything we need, including a peace that surpasses fear and transcends understanding.

I’m not afraid
even though I’m not brave. 
I can’t will myself through this. 
I don’t have all the answers. 
Lord I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or where I will be a week from now.
But I do know you are God.
I do know you love me.
I do know you have not forsaken me.
Even when things look the darkest, Father I know you are here.
Even when it’s hard to trust, you give me the strength to get through.
Lord I don’t know how,
and I don’t know when,
but I know you will.
I wish I could say I have awesome faith, but you give me the faith to believe and trust.
So I’m not afraid
because you are God,
Lord you are good,
you are present, even when I don’t feel it.
Your word, your promise, trumps my emotions.
For God you are faithful.
You are true.
You are with me.
I’m not afraid.

Kevin Kubandi

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