Jake Moorer: The Arrow that Pierced My Heart

Posted by in Faith | April 28, 2014


Editor’s Note: Jake Moorer writes for us today, sharing a story of love lost and regained and the faithfulness of a father. He describes the words his future father-in-law wrote to him as an arrow that pierced his heart, years after he initially received them. Jake also makes a critical observation when he shares that he has come to pay attention to the order of things. And that when he puts the Lord first, everything else falls into place. Thanks for sharing, Jake!

The reality of trying to find your identity can be a daunting task, at any age level. Wandering through life with no direction is frustrating, confusing, and lonely at times. Along with many others, there was a time in my life when direction was the last thing on my mind, and my identity was found in the mirror, in my stats, and how people viewed me. Because of this, I ran from structure, responsibility, friendships, family and even God. Especially God! But eventually, I had to come to grips with who I was and what I was created to do.

By God’s design and grace, I have had many men pour their life out in the attempt to improve mine; and with deep conviction, they have held me accountable for my failures and praised me in my victories. Through their interaction with me, I have found Christ; their example was a direct reflection of Christ’s love for me. But not all of these men sought me out. I had to realize that life is not a one-person game. You have to be intentional about who you spend time with; and through that, your direction and identity will be found. This is the essential aspect to a man’s life as a follower of Christ. This is how I was able to grow and learn in Christ, surrounding myself with mentors that pour into me, peers that will encourage me, and younger guys that I can pour into. I would not be who I am today without these men and their dedication to my pursuit of God’s Kingdom.

It all started with a simple letter that one of those men shared with me years before I was ready to accept it. I believe it was a personal arrow from God meant for my heart. This man didn’t sit me down and give me a long speech or try to make it an important conversation, he simply wrote it in a letter to me before I left for college. I read the note along with the other cards I had received from graduation, took all that money out and kind of forgot about it. It sat on my desk for almost two and a half years staring at me day after day, as I lived my life for myself with no direction or identity. After two and a half years of trying to balance the parties, football, military, school, and an outward Christian shell, I knew I had to find another way to live. The Holy Spirit was doing a great work in me and I didn’t even know it.

One day, I was cleaning up and began to throw an old journal away. This journal was a collection of letters written by my ex-girlfriend’s family (she eventually agreed to marry me); we had dated in high school and she thought it would be nice to have letters from everyone since I was going far away for college. She broke my heart at Christmas my freshman year; but don’t worry guys, it only took me three years to get her back! But that’s not the import part. Re-reading these letters was so amazing. Her two little brothers talked about how much they loved me and looked up to me; her mom told me how proud she was of me and how thankful she was for how I treated her daughter; Even her older brother said how impressed he was with me and how mature I was for leading his sister in the right way; But then I got to her dad’s letter (the one I talked about earlier) that I had totally forgotten about. Here’s what it said:

There are only three thing a man needs in this life.

A Man must have
a Master to Serve, a Women to Love, and a Hill to Die On.

Now at the time, at eighteen, that did not make too much sense. But at twenty-one, living in sin, desperately yearning for direction and identity, it made perfect sense. And yes, this man is now my father in-law; but at the time, he was a father investing in me to make sure his little girl was with the right man. When I realized this, sitting on my floor in my nasty room at The Citadel in tears, it was one of the most peaceful times of my life.

Finally I had clarity; finally I had direction; and shortly after, I finally found my identity in Christ. In doing this, I completed the first step in finding my Master to Serve, giving me purpose; and no longer was I aimlessly wandering. Christ gave me direction for my life and the passion to influence and impact others, like so many have done for me.

After about six months, by the grace of God, I was able to reconnect with my ex-girlfriend, now my future wife, and no longer was I searching for a “Woman to Love.” I being to realize that it’s all about the order of things. Any time in my life where my “Master” is not number one on my list, things don’t go well; relationships end; jobs are lost; hearts are broken; and life gets really off-course. There was a very good reason why my father in-law put a “Master to Serve” first. It’s a distinct reminder that Christ is number one; and even if your “Woman” leaves and your “Hill” is burnt to ashes, your “Master” that you serve will always be there.

To wrap this up, my wife and I are working on a “Hill to Die On.” And I used to think that my “Hill” was going to be a house with some land where the kids and dog can run and play. But now at 25 years old, I think of it more as our platform as a family. How are we impacting the Kingdom of Christ? Who are we influencing in a positive way? Is Christ glorified in our actions, words, and thoughts? Those questions are my “Hill to Die On.”

It’s not complicated; it’s not fancy; and it might take you a couple years to really understand what it means; but when that arrow finally pierces your heart, you will have direction and identity in Christ Jesus; and no amount of money, success, or fame will ever compare.

Jake Moorer

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