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Posted by in Faith | November 5, 2012

Editor’s Note: Barry has been a stalwart for our ministry for many years. A strong-willed young man, he has always stirred the best in the people around him and demanded a lot of himself. As a fellow disciple, brother, and friend, I’m happy to share some of Barry’s encouraging words on the importance of rest and our recognition of the author behind every one of our stories.

The mysterious grandeur surrounding college won’t go away until the day your parents drive off and you realize this is it. Life is a book and, as humans, we are always trying to get to the next chapter. The only thing keeping us from skipping to the end is the time that it takes us to read the pages. In middle school, one will always desire to walk alongside those in high school; and the only thing a senior in high school has on his mind is college; and each time we perceive that the next chapter will be better. But all to often we find ourselves turning back the pages to where we once were.

In each chapter of our lives as we attempt to plot our own destiny, we frequently forget that our story has already been written. When reading, many times one might find oneself skipping over sections deemed boring and unnecessary, forgetting the entire time that the author placed those parts there for a reason. If one could title the chapter of one’s life story regarding college, it would sound something like The Never Ending Sleepover. We all remember those rare hallowed Friday nights in which all your buddies would gather together for the sleepover. Generally, there was a division into about 5 or so groups during these nights. You had the kids who stayed up all night, the ones who played videogames till the break of dawn, those who just ran around seeking mischief, the uncomfortable kid in the corner, the binge candy eaters, and finally you had the one who always sought sleep. The same generalities exist in college today; mischief is sought and, “candy” binges carry on 24/7. But the question to ask is, when is it time to take a moment and separate yourself from the crowd and just rest.

More often than not I find myself veering away from rest. Rest can come in many forms; sleep is the most obvious, but others include moments of solitude and time spent in prayer. All too often, I find myself glancing over sections that I classify as unnecessary and time consuming when in fact, these are the parts that the author knows I need the most. The author of your story has written a best seller or two and knows what’s important and what isn’t. To leave you with one piece of advice, read the whole story. You might end up glancing over the part about the binge “candy” eating next time. And remember to thank your author because his story ended with the ultimate sacrifice for every book he has ever written.

Barry Sutlive

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