Tony King: My New Father’s Way Of Life

Posted by in Faith | July 9, 2013


Editor’s Note: This week Tony King has blessed us with a strong perspective on what it means to “reestablish yourself as a son” after experiencing the difficulty of his parents’ divorce. The pain and confusion to which we often concede in times of trial and heartache are ultimately overshadowed by our heavenly father’s redemptive spirit. Isn’t it a miracle that, just as Tony got married and began his own family, God gave himself as an example of how to be a husband and father.

“My name is Tony King and I am 23 years old. Two years ago I got a phone call from my dad who told me he was leaving my mom, after what seemed to be 21 years of a perfect marriage. I had just about every emotion flowing through my mind in all of 30 seconds. How could the one person I looked up to as a kid throw away his family? As time passed, he would come back and say, ‘I’m changed and am going to come back home…’ only to leave again. This indecisiveness tore my mother apart and left her more vulnerable.

After about a year of inconsistency, he came back for ‘good.’ They moved into a new rental home and essentially started over from scratch. Things looked great; they were both starting to go to church; they were both seeing a counselor; and they seemed to be happy with each other. In April of that year, I got married to my beautiful wife Lindsey, and it has been the biggest blessing any man could ask for. About a month after the wedding, my brother called me and told me that my father left again. This time I was enraged. All of the other times he left they separated but nothing really changed; but this time was different. This time my parents actually went through the divorce process and he will not be coming back.

After becoming a Christian, I always heard about guys having father issues and I never thought that would apply to me. No, my dad was not a Christian; but he was there for me to look up to as a child. He taught me to shoot guns, play sports, and how to treat other people. After my father left this last time, I kept telling myself that I no longer have a dad, just a father. It wasn’t until this Fathers Day that I realized I do have a Dad; and He is the one who put these trials in front of me and my family. He is the one who is molding me through the rough process of iron sharpening iron.

Understanding Gods fatherly love for me has been an issue I’ve dealt with ever since I became a Christian, until this fathers day. His redemptive spirit that I always read about and thought I understood now means something new. It means, not only does He redeem us from our sin and brokenness, He also redeems us as new children. To me, being redeemed as a child means I get to reestablish myself as a son. I realize now that I get to ‘relive’ my childhood and learn my new father’s way of life so I can someday be as much like him as possible. God is the best father anybody could ask for; and I now long to be like Him in every way.”

Tony King

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