Cameron Washington: Working Out Your Faith

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Editor’s Note: Cameron Washington really rolls his sleeves up and explains to us the importance of working out your faith. He talks passionately about his experience on an orphanage in Africa and about realizing how easy it is to “gorge” yourself on grace. What a powerful picture. He also reveals that as his own weakness became more apparent, the Strength of God grew in his life. He concludes by remembering the words of James and advocating that we too work toward the joy set before us. Thanks Cam!

The gospel is a horrible sales pitch. You are asking men and woman from all over to give up worldly possessions, die to the life they live, and go on and sin no more. Why? We have a savior whose love is so much more radical, scandalous, and ridiculous, that it calls people out of the darkness and to a place of grace and mercy. But what happens after? What happens after the honeymoon phase is gone; after the high of salvation is seemingly distant and all of a sudden you feel as distant or even further away from God than you were before? After being a follower of Christ for 3 years, I’ve realized that the one thing that is so hard to do, is to stand when your burden gets big.

Even after being saved, I always found myself trying to walk the line of Do’s and Don’ts. And after every don’t I stepped into, I would come to Jeff with my tail between my legs, whimpering like a dog caught peeing on the cross. So much shame and guilt came out in each meeting because I kept going back to pornography, or found I was looking for acceptance from my friends, or based my faith on how much I knew about the bible and how I served God. There was so much pride and arrogance in my walk because I didn’t realize the extra work that needed to be done in my own heart. Being a Christian is hard and it takes work. Being part of Iron and Fire and being discipled by Jeff has shown me this. This past summer, I left for Africa on a mission trip. During one of the last meetings I had with Jeff, I came to him like the guilty dog and confessed and repented to him. This time he wasn’t so gentle with his rebuke and told me this, “Cam, you need to relax because you are a lot worse off than you think you are.”

With these words in mind, I left for Africa asking God what he meant. He quickly revealed idols that were rooted deeply into my heart. These idols were keeping me away from God’s grace and the deep relationship that I was longing for. The first week in Durban, my team and I worked in an orphanage camp. I was so humbled by how these children had almost nothing but had smiles and so much joy. By American standards, these kids had no reason to be happy; but they had life so they had every reason to be happy. This shook me to the core and then my sin was so apparent to me. I found so much worth in approval, how I look, what I did, and how I served, that my focus was taken completely off the cross. It took God sending me to the other side of the planet outside my comfort zone to show me this. This is where working out your faith comes in and this brings me back to my initial point. The reason why the cross seemed so far away from me, is that I let it stay small. I gorged on His grace and didn’t see that I was getting comfortable laying in the idols that I had unknowingly made for myself.

After coming back to the States, I picked up my promised cross. It was heavy because I saw my weakness when I went overseas. That said, this season has been full of new trials and it’s been extremely difficult. It also has come with new joys and a deeper relationship with Christ because as my weakness has become more apparent, His strength and grace have grown all the more. I can count it all as pure joy like James tells us in chapter 1. Just like Jesus saw the Joy set before Him, I too see the joy set before me. It is beautiful and so worth working towards.

Cameron Washington

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