Who’s Behind the IRON and FIRE Initiative?

Chairman: Mike Sims – EVP of Business Services at Renasant Bank

Randy Collins – President of Strategies Group

Jim Wernick – President of Design Sellutions, Inc.

Glenn Couper – Executive Director at AT&T

Executive Director: Rob McQueary

Student Ministry Specialist: Andrew Collins, James Blain

Administrative Assistant: Shana Cash

What’s the Organization’s Primary Objective?

Our primary objective is to influence and invest in the leaders and fathers of the next generation.

What Does IRON and FIRE Actually Do?

IRON and FIRE invests in young men through coaching, mentoring, discipling, counseling, and encouragement. We do this in small groups we call “Squads” and in one-on-one meetings we call “Brothering.” We pursue brotherhood, accountability, and prayer as well as seeking to partner with parents to shape and sharpen each young man. Because we believe you must earn the right to be heard if you ever want a young man to truly listen to you, we also make a point to share life with these young men in order to become a part of their lives, not just a voice every now and then. We go to games, concerts, cookouts, birthdays, graduations, etc. to gain a more full grasp on who a young man is, and to celebrate with them as they mature and truly become men of God.

How Does this Differ from Other Programs?

There are many differences, perhaps the most fundamental being that IRON and FIRE is not an event driven, curriculum centered, para-church ministry. IRON and FIRE is a relationship-based ministry, which focuses on a fundamental principle of Brotherhood in Christ. Brothers don’t come and go with the seasons; Brothers are with you through all of life. We are a family of men who believe that we were made for community and we seek to invest in each other and the world around us in hopes of leaving a standing legacy for many generations to come.

What is CORE 2:42?

CORE 2:42 is a group we facilitate for college men who don’t want to be stagnant in their walk with the Lord. It’s one of the ways we provide our brothers with a support system and a challenging but safe environment when they return from a semester of school. Ultimately, we are men of faith who want to follow after Jesus Christ and do this by adhering to Acts 2:42, which reads, “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” We meet weekday nights during college breaks at 7:00 to go through a book of the Bible in depth and verse by verse, leaving out neither the good stuff nor the challenging stuff.

How Are New Brothers Identified?

Brothers are identified by God. We believe that selection is critical and we acknowledge that because we have a critical role to play in our world, we must be true to our calling and design. This leads us to be intentional with our relationships and look for opportunities to invest in others. This brotherhood is not for everyone. It requires an intentional commitment to brotherhood, prayer, and accountability that many young men simply don’t want or aren’t able to uphold. When we are led to a young man who wants to be a part of our community, we meet with them and pray. We attempt to discern whether or not God is moving us to share life and community. If, after prayer and some time to consider, we believe this is what’s best, we invite them to join our brotherhood and community as they mature and learn what it means to be a man of God.

Can I Recommend a Young Man?

Of course. We welcome any opportunity to speak with a parent or young man about who we are and what we do, but we want to be clear that there is no, “signup” process that can get a young man into the Brotherhood. The best way to get connected is by meeting with our President in a mutual interview that assists both parties in making the decision if this deeper level of prayer, brotherhood, and accountability is the best fit for the young man and the ministry.

Will You Ever Mentor Young Women as Well?

We strongly believe in the value and need for strong women. But due to our belief that same sex mentoring is a wiser and more effective method of instruction and fellowship, we have chosen to limit our ministry to just men. We feel we are called to shape the young men of the future in order to help them become safer, stronger, wiser, more courageous leaders that protect and honor women, which will indirectly benefit young women as well. We believe the most damaging thing to women is unhealthy, ungodly men who don’t understand or value their role as leaders and servants. We are committed to Brotherhood in order to help cultivate better husbands and fathers. We believe that is serving young women in a great and powerful way.

Does IRON and FIRE Have Financial Transparency?

Absolutely. As an official, tax exempt 501(c)3, IRON and FIRE Ministries makes available for public inspection certain annual returns and applications for exemption, and provides copies of such returns and applications to individuals who request them. We are glad to make copies available of our use of the gifts donated to us upon request. We reserve the right to charge a $50 fee plus postage for each request. The IRS must also make this same information publicly available.

Explain Donations and Decisions Again?

As a non-profit that is entirely dependent upon the support, prayer, and good-will of our friends and family of believers, we humbly ask our supporters to consider donating to our cause. The question we want donors to ask themselves, is whether they want to make a one-time donation, or a decision to donate a certain amount of money each month to IRON and FIRE. We recognize that there are many situations where a single gift is the best possible option for some of our supporters; but we also know that many of our supporters, including some of the brothers themselves, decided early in their support to donate to our ministry regularly. By providing a simple donation platform that facilitates both single donations and monthly decisions, we hope to best serve our supporters who believe in our ministry and the importance of forging the next generation.

I Have Other Questions, Who Can I Contact?

We are glad to answer any further questions you have either by phone or email. Please contact us at contact@ironandfire.org. We look forward to sharing more about our mission with you.