We are Forging the Next Generation of Fathers

Our Plan

How to change the world.

It’s well-documented that a counterfeit masculinity is crippling our society. Bravado is masquerading as strength and the allure of conquest has over-shadowed a love of justice. Like any negative cycle, it must not only be broken, but replaced. And we believe that change starts from within.

Changing the world starts with changing communities. Communities are shaped by the character and perspective of their families. And families are largely affected by the character and perspective of fathers.

Through mentorship and brotherhood, we’re forging the next generation of fathers – tackling tough issues like forgiveness and insecurity, identity and discipline – so that our young men will be able to pass these biblical principles down to their own sons in a few short years. Choose to invest in the fathers of tomorrow by supporting IRON and FIRE today.

Our Process

We’re a truly relational ministry.

This means celebrating birthdays and graduations together, and group bible studies and Braves games over the summer. It means Jesus breaking bread and fishing and laughing with his disciples. For us, it means barbecues and lake days and late night trips to Waffle House. It also means 3am phone calls and nights of prayer. It means dealing with heartbreak and tragedy and death and divorce and struggle and addiction and doubt and battling fear. It means intensive, one-on-one mentorship; we call it brothering. It also means spending exclusive time as a family; we call it our brotherhood.

We’re not big on curriculums or scheduling blockbuster events… intentionally. We are big on accountability and making time for one another – even during the darkest hours of the longest nights. We’re also big on celebrating our victories. We’re big on commitment and big on faith and we’re building on grace. Our process is simple: IRON sharpening IRON.

The Brotherhood

• An exclusive, hand-selected group of guys
• An allegiance to authenticity
• Deep bonds of honesty and camaraderie
• Genuine friendships and honest laughter
• A safe place to face yourself and find courage
• A support structure during the hardest times
• A love and respect for scripture and truth
• Devotion to prayer and spiritual growth


• Intensive, committed one-on-one mentorship
• Building up hearts and reaffirming value
• Discernment, listening, and offering council
• Celebrating growth and accomplishment
• A partner in prayer and spiritual combat
• Open and invited accountability
• A trustworthy friend when things collapse
• The challenge to pay it forward